Hulman Hall

An asymmetrical L-shaped building, the “Science Building” has a prominent raised entry bay on the north side, which, although not centered, creates balance with a vertical axis. Stone base, cream-colored brick and limestone trim tie it to the nearby, but much earlier Le Fer Hall. Spandrel panels feature rustic rough-cut block as the main decorative element. With aluminum and marble interior details, Hulman Hall is of the same mid-century period as Rooney Library and Owens Hall. On the interior, the main entry features a built-in, polished travertine planter, travertine veneered walls and terrazzo floor. Classrooms, labs and offices are arranged around a double-loaded corridor that extends through both the four-story and three-story parts of the building. Staircases have terrazzo treads and simple brushed aluminum railings.

Year built
Architecture style
Bohlen & Burns
Exterior view of Hulman Hall
Closeup of the decorative rough-cut block